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A Love Like No Other: Abigail and John Adams, A Modern Love Story (Head to Wind Publishing, 2014)

A Love Like No Other: Abigail and John Adams, A Modern Love Story

Author Nancy Taylor Robson

A Love Like No Other coverA novel available in paperback

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Passion, heartbreak, scandal and triumph. Abigail and John Adams endured it all. They may have lived 200 years ago but their marriage was as modern as any today. The wife of one president and mother of another, Abigail’s shrewd intelligence was the steel against which John Adams sharpened his ideas. She was his toughest critic and biggest supporter, the person whose opinion he valued above all others, yet when she badgered him to “remember the ladies” and give women the vote in the new Constitution, he refused.

She was furious. “All men are tyrants,” she retorted.

John and Abigail’s lives and times -- like ours -- were tumultuous, demanding and uncertain. Abigail’s concerns are as modern as those of any woman today - retaining her own identity while sacrificing for her family, maintaining a loving, faithful marriage despite temptations to shatter it, raising children in the face of dangers and pitfalls, and finding the money to make it all work.

Through years of sacrifice, separation, disappointment and agonizing loss, their love endured. Together, they helped to found a nation.


Reviews and Comments

Wonderful Read!

Mrs. Robson has written a wonderful book about one of the most fascinating, yet often overlooked, couples in American history. She has truly captured the spirit of the time of which she writes, taking the reader into the life of Abigail Adams and allowing them to understand what life was like for her as she sacrificed so much, as did her husband and family, for the good of a growing nation. The love between John and Abigail endured so much yet remained strong until the very end. I was sad to reach the end of the book. 

 Loved Hearing a Different Side of History


 I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I learned a lot about that time in history, but I especially enjoyed learning what it was like in the households at that time. What women and children's lives were like day to day and how they survived illness and other challenges. Very interesting and enjoyable. 

A Great Love Story 


Anyone who enjoys historical novels will love this one. Our "founding mothers" were outstanding women.

A Timeless Love Story 

What an example of love shown through affection, faithfulness and passion. Our modern world could benefit from such love as shown by the Adamses and from the sacrifices they willingly made in their personal lives to affect the emergence of our new country and society. What commitment and bravery! 

Highly Recommended

A wonderful history lesson, set within a beautiful and thought provoking story. A good read. The characters are very well developed. The book is very insightful as to the establishment of our country and life in those times. This book was very well written and very informative. I recommend it highly.