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Head to Wind Publishing is the creative collaboration of writers, editors, designers, and people from all walks of life with rich experiences to share. We seek to inspire, entertain and engage readers and collaborators alike. 

The company publishes nonfiction (memoir/adventure, sustainability and garden, life guides) and fiction (literary and mainstream).

We are a small, independent press actively cultivating new authors and seeking submissions from writers interested in a personalized publishing process.




Our Titles


Without Nancy Taylor Robson’s unwavering encouragement and efforts, I probably never would have let my first novel, “Still Water Bending,” see the light of day. From the first time she read it, she urged me to publish, providing the kind of emotional and moral support that emerging writers, especially of genres like fiction, frequently need. And when I finally agreed, her enthusiasm for the project buoyed me all the way. She is supportive, nurturing, and understands the effort and craft of writing, and as a writer I enjoy working with her immensely.
— Wendy Mitman Clarke, author, "Still Water Bending"


Write for us.

We are always looking for fresh stories and new perspectives. Our publishing process provides support, feedback and communication for our authors throughout every stage from concept to promotion. In a publishing world full of corporate publishing houses and editors you only know by email address, we are proud to develop a supportive professional relationship with our writers, and to help them hone their work and bring it to regional and national audiences.