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Now That My Book's Out...

By Mary Saner

Now that my book’s out, I haven’t been sitting at my desk for hours writing. Nowadays, I walk a lot, give book talks, and meet people. A bunch of friends are coming to the talks. It’s nice looking out at a group and seeing their faces — and seeing new, unfamiliar, but friendly faces, too! I’m getting a lot of good questions. An editor from our local paper — The Kent County News — asked why there are more men than women in the book. I need to think about that for a second. More men thank women have been in radio broadcasting over the last 30 years, which is what I say. I should have added that many of the men in my stories were at the right place at the right time — that is, when I was there with a mic. “The Brits” especially come to mind. But women catch up some late in the book.

At another talk, a friend asks how I can recall so clearly those things that happened so long ago. I think it’s the traumatic moments that are most memorable. Like some of the mistakes I made on the air. Emotional highs and lows stand out.

It’s fun selling books after the talks. I used to think that self-promoting was kind of embarrassing.But, as my husband says, If you don’t toot your own horn, who else is going to do it? These days, I’m right in there self-promoting with the best of them! If you ever see me sitting on an airplane, better not take that seat next to me. I’ll give you an earful about my book.

Now, I’m sending out book announcements and going to events that I may have skipped before. And I walk around town a lot saying hi to everyone I see. It’s like I’m running for office — and it’s fun!

Finally: about the actual book signing. My daughters say that my signature looks like it’s printed. Not good. I need some style, something eye-catching. So MARY SANER now has a loop and a swirl and an attitude. Bring on all those autography seekers!

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